Accept life as it is! Don’t dream to have life full of happiness only. The value of life is much more than just happiness because it includes suffering as well. To love life means to accept the gift of life humbly with all its joyful and tragic moments. The gift of live is richer than a dream and some happy moments.

It’s a romantic, who believed his life would be just all ale and cake could refuse to live. This is a childish attitude. The maturity begins when a person learns to accept life with all its disadvantages.

If a human never experienced any sort of suffering, he hasn’t lived yet. Life is impossible without some bad moments and often people suffer by their own will. Take for instance a mother who spends all night long by the bed of her sick child. Or a man protecting his fiancée or wife from danger and taking wounds and even humiliation; however, in such cases people feel a great satisfaction because they help their loved ones! Sufferings are valuable; as for me, I wouldn’t give my sufferings to anyone else because they are part of my life and my destiny.

So you see, all important things in our life entail suffering. Life is valuable not because we reach happiness and joy but because we build and create something. For example, if you built a house you would feel great, wouldn’t you? But at the same time it cost you great efforts, sweat and maybe even tears.

Love is indispensable condition of life. Nevertheless, life isn’t about love only, it’s much more than that. Life is full when there is God in it.
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