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The Sunday school teacher asked all the new students if they prayed before they ate. A cute little boy replied, “ No, my mommie is a good cook.”
#SundaySchool #SayingGrace
A missionary went to the jungles of Africa had preached the Bible to all the people in the area. Feeling quite bored having no new people to preach to, he started walking out into the bush and preaching loudly hoping that the animals would hear him and become Christian. One day, he saw a lion in the distance that looked like it was sitting with its forepaws together in prayer. The missionary was so happy and walked toward the lion. He heard the lion praying, “Lord, I thank thee for the food that I am about to receive. Amen!”.
#Missionary #PrayingLion #Grace
At the church fair, there was a shortage of volunteers to man the counters.
So, the organizers put a note next to the pile of homebaked cookies saying, “Take a cookie and put the money in the jar. God is watching you.”.
At the end of the day when clearing up, the organizers found a note next to the cupcake counter saying, “Take all you want, God is busy watching the cookies.”

#ChurchFair #GodIsWatching




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