14 September 2009 11:16:46 AM UTC

This is a collection of some of the very best fight scenes in Indian Cinema. Watch the super heroes beat up goons and the villians using every move possible.

This is T. Rajendar who is the dialogue delivary king in Indian Cinema.

Watch him beat up multiple goons with amazing karate kicks.

This is the fight scene of Indian SuperStar Rajinikanth in the movie Chandramuki.

In this fight, the superstar creates a mini hurricane with his leg.

This is Vijaykanth also known as the Captain. Watch him beat up goons upside down.

This is Balayya's fight scene; watch his amazing boots and use of technology (which will make James Bond go green with envy).

No action scene is complete without including "Action King Arjun". This is from the movie Vedham.

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