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A tiger was enjoying his usual evening stroll when he saw a dog walking his way. The dog seemed to be lost. The tiger thought the dog would make a nice snack and licked his lips. The dog was taken aback to see the tiger but quickly tried to think of a way to escape a gruesome end. He decided to hide his fear and pretend to be fierce. The dog licked his own lips and said loudly, “That was a really tasty tiger. I wonder where I can find another.”. The tiger stopped and after having second thoughts decided to back away and leave the dog alone. A fox was watching this entire incident and decided to get on the good side of the tiger by telling him the truth. The fox approached the tiger and told him that the dog was nothing to be afraid of and would be very easy prey. He convinced him to approach the dog again and led the way back towards the dog as the tiger followed. The dog saw the fox approaching with the tiger right behind him and realized what had transpired. He was a quick thinker and spoke out loud, “Where is that fox!!! He promised to bring me another tiger to eat and there are no signs of him.”. No prizes for guessing who the tiger ate for dinner.
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