05 January 2011 8:25:39 AM UTC
Welcome to the world of Friends..
 where you will find several hearts connected to each other by a thread of
 Friendship is the most pious gift of GOD bestowed on mankind. 
Friendship is an everlasting relationship that is shared by friends in the different phases of life.
Your Friends are your real companions who will always lend their helping hand whenever you need it. 
True friends are the ones who will never make you feel sad rather will make sure that you are blessed with all the blessings. 
Some great people have explained this relationship of Friendship in form of beautiful friendship messages, friendship quotations and friendship poems...
friends friendship don`t requires language, mother tongue or nationality, 
It requires good HEART better FEELING`s

once again i`m welcoming friends from throughout the WORLD..
you can post your messages poems in your own language,
 Just be in touch with all the hearts they are waiting for best friend....

Ur`s @nand..

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