19 February 2011 9:34:21 AM UTC


Hi friends


                          I created this page to write my poems, sms jokes, comments etc... But it can be my favourite poems or unforgetable poems or else it can be my own creation also, whatever it is, i like to be a good poet, But i think it was just a dream,

                            If i cant be a poet it's ok but i want to try my best, so still im interesting  in reading, writing and steeling poems.  sometimes after reading my poems u may feel boar, why? you can feel that my poems are not really poems it's like short stories, if you felt like that please forgive me and forget my poems. Everyone one cant do everything, but if you try your best nothing is imposible, so dear frinds if anyone like me in this world please try your best , you can achive your goal.


Thank You

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