17 February 2011 8:07:34 AM UTC


My sweet Heart Hruday spandana

Anandamaina swapnalokam

Mugguru mithrulu

Priya nestham


Nenu-na nesthaalu....!


Be slow in choosing a friend


Much slow while loosing them


Friendship is not a opportunity

it is a sweet responsibility........!


One fine day, all of us will get busy with our lives,

long working hours, no more classes, lectures, friends and sms,

some wil get maried, won't have time for ourselves,

at such a day you'll look outside your window and see the good old memories flash by

and you'll smile with tears in ur eyes & turn back to work thinking

i wish i could go back....!

This msg is for all my friends who helped to create such memories..

Friend`s are great forever.....!




Ur`s @nand........!

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