30 December 2009 9:13:02 AM UTC

Love SMS in English is a pack of cute SMS message collection for lovers, sweet hearts and broken hearts. If you are in deep love, with your heart throbbing at the sight of the apple of your eyes, these romantic text messages will be for you, kindling the pure affection from the depth of your heart. These messages are good to send to your other half, whether it is to woo or propose or just tell your feelings straight from the depth of your heart. These text messages in English are sweet to read, they touch the heart and are a nice way to express your love to her or him.

Love SMS Messages

These are the latest and true sms for boyfriends and girlfriends, which are sweet to read and increase the depth of your romantic feelings. Send these to your sweet hearts and increase their affection for you!

Every morning will I send a good morning message.
Before going to bed, a good night message,
to you boyfriend dearest, sweetest and most handsome.
Without you my day isn't a day,
life isn't a life,
and love isn't love.

True love is difficult to find,
It's in the heart and not in the mind.
The love in my heart is true,
since it came the day I saw you!

You cannot forget someone you love,
just like you cannot remember someone you never knew.

An advice: Don't worry
A request: Take care
A wish: Please remember me
A greeting: Very Good Morning
A fact: I am missing you!

Love is like a star,
Life is like a dream.
Love is Life,
and Life is Love,
ever since I saw you.

Love is like a balloon,
It will fly if held lightly.
It will burst if held tightly.

Though life goes on and we go our own ways,
I can never forget our sweet happy days.
This is so true,
have never loved someone like I love you.

Sweet as sugar, twinkling like the star,
Cute like the baby, that's what you are,
Bundles of happiness and fun,
You are everything I love rolled into one.

My life, my love and everything of mine is you,
Including my heart which I have given you,
Please keep it safe like I have done,
'coz you have two and I have none.

Loving you is easy, missing you is hard,
Wishing you were with me bound by a strong cord,
All the time thinking of you when we are apart,
though all the time you were in my heart.

Words are not enough however special they are,
To tell you the love for you that's in my heart.

My eyes are paining because I can't see you,
My hands are empty because I can't cuddle you,
My life is a vacuum without my heart,
because my heart is now with you!

You are the first half,
I am the second half.
without any one half,
nothing in life to laugh.
Let us both be united,
whether the world exists or not,
or the sun rises or not.

Cute Missing You Love Message
Time flew fast like a humming bird,
when your chirpy voice was near me.
Now it moves like a large sheep herd,
Slow, sultry and lonely like the deep sea.

Best Love Message
I miss you sweet chocolate cake,
that took seven days to bake.
I miss you April Flower,
when can I see you my dear lover?
I miss you cheerful rainbow,
please come soon to erase my sorrow.

Romantic Love Message
Without you chocolate tastes bitter,
and the world looks grey like an age old pitcher.
Without you the lovely park looks silly,
which when we met looked heavenly.
I yearn for your presence,
day and night, morning and evening.
If I had a sixth sense,
a rose in your dreams, every day will I bring.

Love Text Message For Girlfriend
Oh birds that fly so high,
Up above the clouds in the sky,
Fly north over the river and above the hill,
To give my ladylove the sweet love pill.

Mobile Love Text Messages
Where ever you went, my eyes followed you,
they were moist and wet like dew,
hoping against hope that your eyes will meet mine,
But in between us, always was a line,
separating us like a walled fence.

Oh! will you me mine, the soul of my soul?
Nothing in my life, except a final goal;
let me die in front of your eyes,
my heart ripped open and blood frozen like ice,
from the coldness of your words.

My dear love,
you are my sweet white dove,
please come to my heart,
and let us never be apart.

Sad Love SMS

Life is cruel, love is blind.
Am lost in misery with a blank mind.
My heart is broken thinking of the time,
when you will be mine.

Tales of sorrow and days of misery,
my boat of life to row with you in my history,
alone into the horizon of the deep purple sea,
till no one from the land can see.

What can poke deeper than the needle,
what can splash dirt more than a muddy puddle,
what can stab better than a knife,
without taking out my life?
it's someone who once said she will become my wife.

Three persons are in love with you... I, me and myself

How pretty is the rainbow of seven color,
even without going to a beauty parlor,
How wonderful is the milky way,
though it cannot be seen during the day,
How deep is my love to you,
though it's something I have never told you.

You are as sweet as honey,
that no one can buy using money,
you are as pretty as the colorful butterfly,
that in no shop can anyone buy,
you are the brightest spot in my life,
will you be my wife?