15 November 2009 3:40:31 AM UTC

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SMS Joke
Hai! ZOznznzumz zilzlza eznz zpzezczha zkezkzuzrzizyzaza zizlzlzaziyzaznzuz ztzezzsztz zpzanznzeznz..!..! Delete all "Z".. its very interesting....
By (anonymous)
on 11/16/2009 9:51:05 AM


College SMS Joke
Japanese Proverb:
If one Can do it,
U too Can do it.
If none Can do it,
U must do it.

College version:
If one Can do it,
let him do it.
Especially you.....
if none can do it,
leave it...

By (anonymous)
on 11/15/2009 3:41:09 AM


Important SMS
Please don't
forget to

''Close your eyes''
Good Night..
By (anonymous)
on 11/16/2009 9:52:47 AM


Student Exam Jokes
Student life before exam day-?
9am-wakeup, thinking to score centum?
10am-breakfast?? 11am-thinking to score 80??
In afternoon, lunch &sleep
5pm-Evening tea Thinking to score 60?
After dinner-Kadavule..?pass panni vitudu..!?

Dedicated to all students:-)
Happy student life!!

By (anonymous)
on 11/15/2009 8:22:35 PM


Teasing Good Morning SMS
A rose is alwz a rose whether its in a golden pot or in d clay pot,
Same way u r alwz my friend whether ur frm african forest r frm local zoo!!
good morning my dear:-)
By (anonymous)
on 11/21/2009 10:31:25 PM


Problem, Talent and Luck SMS
2 boys love 1 girl = Problem
1 boy love 2 girls = Talent
2 girls love 1 boy = Luck
By Keeranur
on 11/21/2009 8:31:15 AM


Student Exam Funny Message
Introducing T20 format in exams

*Reduce exam time by 1hr and marks by 50
*Intrduce breaks after each 15 min
*Give free hit marks for omited questions

*1st 30 mins power play no suprvisor in the class

*Cheer girls in evry class.
They'll dans after finishin every page;-)
By (anonymous)
on 11/21/2009 10:35:20 PM


Teasing Joke SMS








oops, sorrynga
Wrong number!
By (anonymous)
on 11/21/2009 10:36:59 PM

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