27 February 2012 5:21:56 AM UTC

Funny Vehicle Pictures is a collection of hilarious vehicle modifications, car fails, overloaded bikes and some amusing pics of animals being carried in vehicles. These pics are really hilarious to look at and enjoy and they bring about the inventve "Edison" in the vehicle owners. Hope you enjoy them and have fun laughing for a couple of minutes. If you have more such pics, please feel free to share them below in the comments section. Please note that these are not meant to hurt the feelings of anyone but just for a laugh and nothing serious.

I have seen lots of WT* pics but this is the biggest of them all! He found the hitchhiker cow and decided to give it a lift!
wtf funny picture cow on bike

This owner is really concerned about hs mophed! Wonder if the lock will weight more than the mophed itself.
ahem funny mophed lock picture
We have heard of bars and we have heard of cars, but this is the first time someone is seeing a bar in a car. Wonder who's going to drink all that stuff.
bar in a car funny hilarious pic
It can actually handle some more people but no one else was around.
funny pic can handle some more
Meanwhile in India... Go Green solution to carry bricks
meanwhile in India
I have seen Mr. Bean drive a car from the top, but WT* are these two trying to do!
nice ride down the street funny pictures
Nice way to tow your car; now there is no need to call the auto towing company.
funny vehicle modification picture
There are animal lovers and then there are animal lovers, but this guy's love for his donkey beats them all! No doubt man is donkey's best friend.
he is the man funny pictures
Read it loud, It is the IDEAL SCHOOL to send your kids to. And so is the IDEAL PUBLIC BUS.
it is the ideal school picture funny
Meanwhile in Afghanistan...
meanwhile in afghanistan
I wonder if that is going to help anyone stealing the car
extra car safety funny picture
This can also double up as a see-saw in the Children's Park down the road.
overloaded rick funny pic
The one on the left is Yokozuna while the one on the right is Big Daddy Mable.
this can happen online in funny pic
This is officially the latest model of the bullet train... truck on tracks!
truck on tracks funny picture
If you got twins and don't know how to take them in a bike, this is the solution!
twin babies bike funny pic
We know that there are a lot of car thieves and it is good to have some extra safety. But WT* is this?
extra safety car chain funny pics

If you got some more vehicle mods, amusing animals taking a ride or 'meanwhile in...' type pics, please share them in the comments section below!

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