23 September 2011 6:20:04 AM UTC

This is a list of funny pictures of some of the popular pics ever on the internet including memes, kids doing cute things, animals behaving cleverly, epic fails of people like falling down and the nameboard signs which have become popular internet-wide. Most people should be able to associate with these pictures because funniness is an universal language and everyone including kids and senior citizens because of this. If you are looking forward to break away from the stress and strain of everyday busy life, take a look at this page!

If you have come accross any such pic or have taken a snap frm your mobile phone cam, please share it in the comment section below so that everyone can enjoy them.

This is one of the funniest nameboards I have seen in a while. It is sure to keep off trespassing strangers!
The dog is ok, beware of the owner!

Funny prayer to God by daughter asking to give clothes to the poor ladies in Dad's computer.
Dad Daughter Funny Prayer Picture

Black dog does a neat trick by going in to a cage with a blanker on top of it.
dog gif goes into cage with blanket picture

Hang this in your lawn and you can for sure keep those pesky kids off it!
funny name board trespassing

This is a funny answer sheet fail or rather question paper fail picture. Enjoy smiling!
funny answer sheet pics

Duh, I want to give a pose too... Funny picture of a seal putting its head to give a pose among penguins.
funny face by a seal penguins picture

Hilarious nameboard sign changed!
funny picture nameboard modified

Don't ever try to do this at home! Another epic fail pic!
funny self fail pic gifs

I know that you love your cow very much but do you really want to take it to office!
ha ha ha funny animal

This is a nice way to cheat in the exam, four arms and a mobile phone!.
cheating in exam funny picture

The teleporting machine has officially been invented.
manhole teleport funny pictures

Police caught texting (sending sms) while driving.
Police Caught Texting fail sms pictures

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the funniest ever pictures on the internet!

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