03 April 2011 1:55:59 AM UTC

Funny Monkey Videos is a collection of amusing and sometimes hilarious videos of monkeys playing with other animals or resorting to their usual pranks to make kids go wild with laughter.

Monkey playing with a goat

This videos shows a impish monkey troubling a goat by hitching a ride on top of it and the goat tries to get rid of it but fails. This is a video captures in India. This is very hilarious and only the monkey itself knows what was going through it's mind when it tries to get a free ride on top of the goat. And to top it up, it troubles the kids but pulling their tail. This video probably explains the theory of evolution; man came from monkeys.

Baboon Troubles a Dog

A small baboon pulls the tail of a dog and runs away and then comes back and pulls it's legs again. Really impish work by the baboon as the stupefied dog looks on.