23 April 2011 12:35:17 PM UTC

Free Love SMS is a collection of free sms messages in English which are beautiful, cute and are useful for showing your love to your lover, from the depth of your heart.

I am playing the game of scrabble,
I have the letter 'I',
I have the letter 'L',
I have the letter '0',
I have the letter 'V',
I have the letter 'E',
Can I please have the letter 'U'?

My eyes are green with envy and jealous of my heart.
Do you know why?
Because you are close to my heart than my eyes.

I have made a complaint at the police station.
Yesterday someone broke into me,
and stole my heart.
And the judge ordered that as a punishment,
give hundred roses to the accused.
I hope you got them!

I had a wish what I would like to be,
I would prefer to be a tear in your eyes,
flowing down your cheek,
down the valley of your neck,
so that I can come to your heart.

My love for you will always be in supply,
it will never become dry,
even after I die.

Without your my dear sweetheart, this is how my week passes:
So please be with me week after week, day after day, forever and ever till I ride into the sunset.

Time might fly,
Rocks might cry,
But I, my apple pie,
will be with you till I die.

Sweet Free Love SMS A L O N E
A:All d time I think of u..
L:Lonely i am without u..
O: On my mind it's only u..
N:Never ever I'll 4get u..
E:Every moment i miss U
Good Morning

Sometimes EYES also get jealous wit HEART,
U Know y?
It's simple Sometimes SWEET PEOPLE remain close to HEART but far away from EYES.
Good Night

Beautiful Quote:- Your Words Are Not My Disturbance..
But The Disturbance Is Your Silence...!
So Don't Disturb me please...!
Have a nice dream...

In my life l learned :
How to love
How to smile
How to be happy
How to be strong
How to work hard
But i did not learn how to forget YOU....
Good night

Above the clouds will I float and come,
over the stream crystal clear flowing with a hum,
beyond the valley and the deep dense forest,
without a second of rest,
to give my love, one rose a day.

Just order me my queen of hearts,
or even hit me with a pack of sharp darts,
but forever will I stay, with you like a loyal dog.

A bunch of roses every morning,
A slab of chocolate every noon,
A hot cup of coffee every evening
and a sweet little sms when out comes the moon :-)
Good night to my girlfriend

Your eyes were so bright,
that I fell in love at first sight.
Your cheeks were so rosy,
that made me feel cosy.
Your lips were so red,
that makes me wonder when will I wed?

Romantic SMS Messages to Boyfriend or Girlfriend
If it's difficult to find whom you love deeply,
It is even more difficult to find someone who loves you as much.
But forever, our love will be as deep as the ocean,
as high as the clouds
and as sweet as nectar.

I am the river and you are the fish.
The fish said to the river,
You can never see my tears,
Because I am always in you.
The river replied,
I can always feel your warm tears,
because you are in my heart.

I have seen many, liked some and loved very few,
but none of them I loved as deep as you.
I will stand for hours in a long queue,
for the pleasure of spending a moment with you.

I am opening a savings bank account for you in my heart,
so please deposit your love and watch the interest grow!

If water was a kiss,
I will send you the ocean.
If hug was a leaf,
I will send you a banyan tree.
If smile is like numbers,
I will send you infinity.
If love is like time,
I will send you eternity.

You are not like the sun,
because in the evening, it sets.
You are not like the moon,
because every night, it fades away.
You are like the sky,
because it always stays.

Two things that cure our problems:
1) Medicines
2) Love
But there is a difference... Love has no expiry date

Love is not how you express, but how you forgive.
Love is not how you listen, but how you understand.
Love is not what you see, but what you feel.
Love is not how deep, it is how long.

If love is bad, I don't want to be good.
If love is sad, I don't want to be happy.
If love is life, I don't want to live.

I started writing you a love letter,
wanted to write about the roses, the birds and you among them.
But all I could write, was only I LOVE YOU.

Cute Free Love SMS I am just like a piece of paper.
Please write your feelings,
erase your worries,
scribble your anger,
and wipe your tears.
But please don't throw me,
into the dustbin.

Don't rush to tell your love, because it never runs out. But wait for it to knock the at the door.

Doubt if the sun will rise again.
Doubt if the birds will fly again.
Doubt if it will rain again.
But please never ever doubt my love for you.