06 November 2009 8:59:10 AM UTC

College Jokes in Tamil is full of nakkal and lollu jokes about princi, students and college canteen life.

Engineering College Joke
1 day Lord decided 2 visit earth..
He saw a man crying.
Lord ask, "y r u crying, my son?"
he said that he was blind.
Lord touched him and he could see . .
God saw another man crying and asked, "y r u crying, my son?"
he said, "Lord, I am an engineering student!" Lord sat down and cried with him...!
Paavam avaruke namme kastam theriyuthu..
By (anonymous)
on 11/6/2009 9:00:17 AM


Teacher: unga payyan ippadi niraya kudikiranea, neenga ketka koodatha?

Father: naan kettathuku ..Intha sarakku unakku othukkathu..Appadinu sollittan sir...
By chella
on 12/1/2009 6:47:16 PM

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